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Since the 1970's the paintings of artist Michael Fishel have been seen worldwide as posters, prints, jigsaw puzzles and calendars. In 1976 his art was first published by the Big O poster co. U.K. along side artists Roger Dean, Rodney Matthews, Robert Venosa, Mati Klarwein and H.R. Giger among others. During the 1980's Michael illustrated RPG books for TSR Hobbies better known now of course as Dungeons & Dragons and later he painted cover art for books by H.P. Lovecraft and Richard Adams. Michael's painting's were created to be enjoyed by everyone young or old, so sit back, relax, dream a little and let yourself wander through the wonderful enchanting worlds of this extraordinary artist. - Terrance Engstrom

Wow! New paintings...Coca-Cola, Classic Cars and Classic Americana. A lot of great things have been happening lately! I have gone into some exciting new directions with my art work. You can see the full selection of all the new images in the Gallery. I now have many great looking metal signs pre-drilled for hanging available of the images shown below here at American I've also just signed a long term exclusive contract with the Springbok Puzzle co. and the first images I've created for them are two Coca-Cola themed paintings they requested. These two are officially licensed paintings for the Coca-Cola company called "History of Coca-Cola" and "Coca-Cola Through the Decades". Both paintings will be published as 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzles by Springbok in July 2018 and Oct 2018. My new paintings Mr. Curio's Magic Emporium, my new painting Dream Garage and my painting Groovy Records as well as my painting from 1976 Discovery Island are now and will be published exclusively for Springbok as 30 x 24 in. jigsaw puzzles for 2018 and 2019. Springbok have been in the puzzle business for over 50 years in the U.S. and produce the highest quality puzzles in the business. I'm very honored to have my art selected by such a prestigous company to be included in their catalog. Just click on the pop-up GO tab on the images to see my metal signs at American or here at Springbok to see my puzzles!

I'm very excited to tell everyone here on my website about a new book of my art that I've published under the Big Vision Publishing imprint titled "Michael Fishel – Creations". After the success of my 2014 Big Vision published book "The Art Of Big O - Foreword by Roger Dean" I decided that I would produce a book of my own art next. The book is a beautiful 8.5 x 11 in. 74 page hardcover version that includes my own written story of my art career, my artwork, illustrations and paintings over the past 40 years concentrating mainly on my Big "O" U.K. poster art from the 1970's, my 1980's Dungeons & Dragons book illustrations and my reproduced images that were licensed for various products to companies over these many years such as on posters, jigsaw puzzles and book covers, calendars and greeting cards up until the present day. The information on how to order is contained within the links on the cover and page images shown below. You can also order it direct from me at a discounted price right here: Michael Fishel - Creations Book. Or if you wish you can order your book by simply sending me an email here: I Hope you enjoy it as much as I did producing it!

NEW BOOK FOR 2018 "It Must Be Art"! And it's available for pre-order now and you can check it out right here: Schiffer Publishing This 2nd Edition of The Art Of Big O book which was first published in 2014 is titled "It Must Be Art". Schiffer Publishing in association with Big Vision Publishing will be publishing this brand new version. It's a beautiful book. I have completely re-designed the interior pages of the book giving it a light colored page design with different colored borders for each artist chapter. It will also feature new front and back cover designs and in addition 4 new artists chapters have been added with new text especially written by author Nigel Suckling. The H.R. Giger chapter has been completely re-designed. Working closely with the H.R. Giger estate and Carmen Giger nearly every image in this chapter was replaced with high quality resolution images provided by the Giger estate including many new images of the Giger museum that were not in the first edition. The text was updated and edited by Nigel and many new images were added. Believe me the H.R. Giger chapter alone is well worth the price of the book!

Calendars, Calendars, Calendars! I'm very proud to announce that I've just secured a 2019 Calendar deal with Flametree Publishing for the great sci-fi and fantasy book and magazine illustrator Virgil Finlay. The 2018 calendar of his art I arranged last year has sold extremely well and it's only been released a short while. I've loved Finlay's art since I was a kid. Many thanks to Lail Finlay the daughter of Virgil Finlay who has allowed me to represent her father's art to the publishing trade. Shown below is what the front and back covers will look like for both years!

I'm also pleased to announce the launching in 2017 of my website Big Vision Publishing. I created this website to have a single online location available to showcase to potential clients not only a wide variety of my own art but the art work of some of the truly exceptional artists of the world that I have become affiliated with over the years who have allowed me to represent their art to be licensed to the publishing trade. You will also see here all of the great art books that are now and will continue to be published under the Big Vision Publishing imprint.

My philosophy with Big Vision Publishing on the licensing and selling of art is different than most I would say. It is based primarily on my 40 plus years of experience as an artist and having my work published as posters, calendars and jigsaw puzzles myself. I believe that lifetime of experience allows me to deal with and understand the needs of the artists (as well as the publishing companies) much better than the average artist agent might. I know the difference between a great artist proof and a terrible one, I know what is and is not a proper and fair royalty rate for an artist to receive. When it involves the preparation of a print ready image to the publishing companies I know what needs to be done and how to go about doing it. I completed 5 years of college in 2008 and received my degree in Digital Communication focusing on all of the Adobe Creative Suite programs, Photoshop and Illustrator (digital painting and design), Dreamweaver (web coding and design), InDesign (digital publishing) and Digital Animation.

Simply put if you are a publisher of art and you are seeking to find positively stunning, jaw dropping powerful beautiful art for your products that will come to you in ultra-premium high resolution images from some of the premier artists in the world available to the publishing industry then look no further than Big Vision Publishing and Image Licensing. So, relax, take a leisurely browse through each of these extraordinary artists's galleries and if you see any image in them you would be interested in licensing for a product I'd love to hear from you!
You can message me on the contact page here on the website or you can contact me by email: