Around the year 2000 or so I picked up an interest in digital art and despite the fact that I had been a firm believer in hand painted art as the only legitimate form of self expression for a true artist for over thirty years I decided to try to learn a bit about this new painting technique for myself. It's still very odd for me to think in terms of a series of colored lighted squares on a computer monitor screen as a painting. A square dot of color instead of a round dot of color just could'nt ever be correct could it? Even the great pointillistic artists of the past like the genius of George Seurat and Paul Signac who were the true fore runners of the digital pixelated painting style of today knew that right? At any rate I decided the best way for me to do this was to attend college and take some courses in Digital Visual Communication. I completed 5 years of classes here in Austin Texas where I live and obtained my degree. The digital images shown below are some examples of my class artwork during this period as well as a relatively new ( and as of yet a very unfinished ) digital painting I've been working on called "New Earth". I really doubt I'll ever be able to completely master this style of painting on a computer monitor actually at my age but it can be fun to do and the delight from new discoveries that come while producing it rivals pretty closely one gets from the tried and true methods of a hand held bristle brush working on a canvas at an easel at least that's what I've found. It's really when all is said and done just another tool available in the artist toolbox.
The images below are taken from some of my early attempts at creating digital art while I was attending college. Basically the technique here was for me to utilize the wacom tablet brush for applying colored pixels to photo collages I had inserted into the paintings. I look at these examples and see them as quite crude and amateurish but I've always had a tendency to learn new ways of doing things very slowly and when I compare them to my older art which have a naive look to them anyway I tend to view these now as just a natural progression of my hand painted art but only using a new tool. At any rate I do not believe digital art will ever completely replace the charm and unique charteristics of a hand painted piece of art but, digital art has a realm of exciting possibilities inherent to it all unto itself that traditonal art does not and it will be interesting to see in the future where the next generation of artists can take it.