My paintings were first published as jigsaw puzzles in 1978 and have continued to be published as puzzles since that time up until today. I think I’ve lost count, but I believe over 30 of my paintings have been printed as jigsaw puzzles in total, and not all of them shown here. In recent years Springbok jigsaw puzzles have published 18 of my paintings as puzzles which most are still available to be purchased today. I did two officially licensed paintings for the Coca-Cola company called "History of Coca-Cola" and "Coca-Cola Through the Decades" that have been published by Springbok, as well as many more of my mixed-media style paintings including “Groovy Records” which has been a best seller for them over the years. I’m now exploring other avenues in the jigsaw puzzle painting realm and hope to do more artwork in this area soon Some of my jigsaw puzzle images can also be found printed as metal signs, posters and prints. See below.

Full size framed posters, metal signs, prints and jigsaw puzzles of my paintings can be found at several online locations among them are Springbok Puzzles, Vintage Signs, American Collectibles, Art & Canvas, Reedyville Goods and also in Europe at Poster Lounge Posters.